World War 2

WW2 Bad Guys

Our World War II learning begins with the bad guys. I know some of you are going to say that Hitler was only retaliating against The Treaty of Versailles “War Guilt Clause”. I am not here to dispute the fairness of that. I am giving these dudes the bad guys label for other reasons. Come on now, don’t send me nasty messages. Anyway..


Youtube has a dark side but it is also a valuable homeschool tool. Here is how I make it safer for my kids. I search for the family friendly stuff and make playlists that the kids can access later. Most of the time they cast the video directly to our television in the living room and we end up watching things together.

Bad Guy Playlist

I made a playlist on YouTube of short biography videos for each of the WW2 Axis Leaders. Hitler from Germany, Joseph Stalin from Russia, Benito Mussolini from Italy, and Herohito and Tojo from Japan. The kids watched the videos and this led to more questions or as we call it – a rabbit trail. They wanted to know what communism, fascism, capitalism, socialism, and free market were all about. Crash Course History and Prager U both had some terrific videos available on Youtube that were able to explain the basics. This halted their WW2 learning completely because we fell into our first rabbit hole of the year.

What is the difference between a rabbit trail and a rabbit hole?

A rabbit trail is a quick little side adventure in learning. You are learning about shoes and the kids ask you what socks are and you happily tell them. A rabbit hole is when you are learning about shoes and the kids stumble upon sweat shops in third world countries making our $100 shoes for a penny a week. Your entire school shuts down for a month and travels to Nike headquarters in Oregon to protest. That is a rabbit hole.

So, our World War II adventures landed us in a rabbit hole. How did we get out? Meet our friends The Tuttle Twins. All the talk about capitalism peaked their interest and these books were the answer to their inquisitiveness. I will make separate posts about this cool series of books later. For now, let’s just get back on the World War II trail.

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