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As the weather starts to cool down and the days get shorter, our outdoor adventures end earlier in the day leaving us time to read aloud and watch the telly. One of my kiddos had been asking questions about World War II and airplanes. This is always how it starts for me. They ask questions and I gather books and other resources that will help them find the answers they seek. Since so many folks ask me how the heck our homeschool works, I decided to try and show you this year. This will be the first post in a series documenting our travels through the times and days of World War II. Glad to have you in the trenches with us.

Where We Begin

I don’t remember exactly how it all started. I was probably in my car waiting for a child, in bed unable to sleep, or had an idea moment in the shower and just started to Google myself silly. Somewhere in that search for World War II resources, I found Time Travelers. It is a complete history program for World War II studies lapbook style. I paid $25 for it at a Christian bookstore. I will be using the maps, timeline and timeline figures for sure because my kids love these kind of visuals, but probably not much else unless one of my children takes a fancy to something while printing and browsing the CD. Yes, it is just a CD. You have to print what you will be using. Next, I searched “books with World War II themes for kids” and “homeschool read aloud books World War II” and a few other variations of those. I made lists of books and started searching locally and at places on-line like and Amazon used books. Before long the packages will start to arrive and the kids will know that fall is on its way. While waiting for the books to arrive I started to compile a list of World War II themed movies in chronological order. When it was finished, I lost it. Yep, it vanished. Frustrating. Nope, I didn’t make another list. I am going to wing it as we go along. My days as a teen came rushing back and I start to sing Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi – changing up the lyrics to be more homeschooly. We’ll make it, I swear. Ohhhh, ohhhh, the list ain’t here. We’ve got each other and that’s enough. Ohhh, ohhh, living on a prayer. As I finished my hunting and gathering stage of preparing for our leap into WW2 learning, one of my kiddos tells me that they already know everything about WW2. Challenge accepted little one. Challenge accepted.

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