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World War II Homing Pigeons

My kids have been watching some pretty serious movies about World War II with some heavy topics. The other night it was time to break from the intensity. This animated film about the message carrying pigeons of WW2 did not disappoint any of us. It also got us hippity hopping down a fun adventure learning about pigeons. Here are some links to our journey:

Cher Ami was a British female homing pigeon used by the Americans in France during World War I. Different war but an amazing story. Learn more about her story here in this video on youtube. After you learn about Cher Ami, your kids will probably want to know how the heck a pigeon knows where to take her message. Learn more about that here and here. My kids (of course) wanted to know how to raise their own pigeons and found this video a good starting point.

While in Florida last spring my daughter helped rescued a pigeon from a hawk attack. She transported it back to Kentucky in a bird cage she bought for $10 at Petco. It spent the summer living in a private bird sanctuary (old chicken brooding house and pen) until she passed peacefully in her sleep. After learning more about pigeons we think she was released at a wedding and was returning home when the hawk spotted her. Pigeons mate for life and I can’t help but think she may have been sad that she was unable to fly home. Noteworthy: only a blood test can determine the sex of a pigeon and no we didn’t do that. She could have been a he. Here are pictures of Millie the rescue pigeon.

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