World War II – Evacuating Dunkirk

I just asked my kiddos what their favorite World War II movie is so far and they replied “anything about Dunkirk because that showed how ordinary people became heroes.” Here is what you need to know – the Germans occupied France and had pushed Allied Forces back to a beach in Dunkirk. Large ships could not get to the beach to make a rescue and the Allies were just hours away from being destroyed by the Germans. Citizens from Dover offered up their small vessels to help the rescue effort. One of the first movies we watched was Mrs Miniver. I didn’t think an older movie without special effects would be on their thumbs up list! The more modern film Dunkirk gave them a front line view of the evacuation of British and French soldiers trapped on Dunkirk beach in France. Mrs Miniver is from the perspective of a family living in Dover, England.

Additional Resources

Dunkirk Survivor https://youtu.be/SR9dDs7hU-Y

Dunkirk Beach Then and Now https://youtu.be/24ZJi_gDvYg

Dunkirk Survivor https://youtu.be/u_jbtrp7Zls

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