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Numbers on My Grandpa’s Arm

We were able to rent this film using Amazon Prime for $2.99 and felt it was well worth the fee. It combines real footage of a holocaust survivor retelling his World War II experiences to his young grandson with watercolor animations. A few take homes from my kiddos:

-“His grandpa could have resettled in any other country but he picked the United States. Maybe that is because we helped put an end to Hitler.”

-“Maybe he didn’t want to stay in Europe because the memories made him really sad.”

-“He never forgot what it was like to be hungry and made sure he used his fish market to feed hungry people for free.”

-“All the people that suffered but lived through Hitler and World War II are gone. That little boy is never going to let his family forget about his grandpa and now we won’t either. Do we have anyone in our family that has a story that we shouldn’t forget?”

-“Were the tattoos really for keeping track and identifying people? It seems to me like they didn’t really care who the people were. They just put numbers on them to embarrass them and to make other people think they were just animals.”

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