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Little Pilgrim’s Progress

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Our family just finished reading Little Pilgrim’s Progress and following along with Little Pilgrim’s Progress Adventure Guide. Pilgrim’s Progress is an allegorical book written by John Bunyan in 1678 about a Christian’s spiritual journey. Little Pilgrim’s Progress is a children’s version of the book written in 1947 by Helen Taylor. Taylor simplifies the language and vocabulary while keeping the story true to Bunyan’s original work. Afterwards we watched the 2008 film Pilgrim’s Progress. My kids were not super impressed with the movie – its a bit cheesy, but it still served as a decent way to visualize the book and reinforce the learning. We did enjoy the Pilgrim’s Progress board game. It comes with a nicely illustrated children’s book that summarizes the story. Literally the minute we finished reading Little Pilgrim’s Progress, I learned of an animated version being played in theaters during Passion Week 2019. God’s timing has no coincidences. We don’t see many movies in the theater but felt led to support the Christian entertainment industry and indulge ourselves in the treat. The animated version of Pilgrim’s Progress will ONLY be in theaters April 18th and 20th. Since our theater had just two show times we purchased our tickets in advance.

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