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Election Day Activities

My kids and I had an impromptu discussion about the Electoral College that led to us plotting out the past twenty years worth of election results on blank maps. We looked for consistencies, patterns and of course – flip states. Pictured here are the results of our work. Not so neat and tidy but it served it’s purpose.

Before ending our discussion, we created a map showing our predictions for the 2020 election. First the kids colored in the states that have consistently been either a Republican (red) or Democratic (blue) state AND they believed would remain so. If they thought the state had the potential to flip in this election, they colored it grey. After they made their predictions, we searched for predictions made by the media and other sources on-line and marked those states with a dark green dot. Some were the same as their picks. While we believe that the entire west coast will likely remain blue, the kids guessed that there might be enough civil unrest (fires, riots, vaccination mandates, covid policies) to give way to a miracle flip???

We are planning to follow the 2020 election on November 3rd and track the results using a laminated wall map and dry erase markers. FedEx printing will print a poster size map in black and white on blueprint paper for $2.50 each and an additional $3 a foot will get it laminated. I opted for an Amazon purchase to save me time and a trip to town – click here for a link. It came in a cardboard tube with a lid which makes it easy to store for future election night fun.

Besides tracking the results, my crew will be making some patriotic snacks, watching a movie to pass the time (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington), and playing a few rounds of a new game called Election Night. What will your family be doing? Any good movie recommendations?


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