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Edible Plagues Movie Night

Charlton Heston in the 1956 blockbuster film The Ten Commandments plays out in 20 minutes shy of a full 4 hours and could be considered torture for almost any kiddo. That said, its a gem of an epic classic film and a terrific homeschool family resource for teaching about the Passover. We watch it almost every year but I do my best to keep it fun and interesting. Keep reading below to see how I keep things interesting.

Spread It Out

We never watch it in one sitting or even one day. Often the evening begins by reading the scripture that pairs with the scenes we will be viewing.

  • Day 1: Moses Drawn Out of Water – Exodus 2:1-10
  • Day 2: The Burning Bush – Exodus 3
  • Day 3: Let My People Go – Exodus 5-6:1-8
  • Day 4: The Plagues & The Release – Exodus 7-12:17-42
  • Day 5: The Parting of the Red Sea – Exodus 13:17-15:21
  • Day 6: The Golden Calf – Exodus 32
  • Day 7: The 10 Commandments – Exodus 20:1-21

Edible Plague Night

I will admit that the most anticipated and remembered night is when we eat the ten plagues and discuss the Ancient Eqyptian myths that each one mocks. We give each child a basket to catch their plagues in instead of baskets and candy on Resurrection Sunday. See the pictures below for the names of the Egyptian myth associated with each plague. And yes, my kids eat the real crickets! I didn’t.

  • Plague 1: Nile Turns to Blood – Strawberry Applesauce or Juice
  • Plague 2: Frogs Invade Egypt – Gummy Frogs
  • Plague 3: Lice – Sno-Caps
  • Plague 4: Flies – Gummy Flies
  • Plague 5: Livestock Dies – Frosted Sprinkled Animal Crackers
  • Plague 6: Boils – Bullseye Candy
  • Plague 7: Hail & Fire – Mini Marshmallows and Red Hots
  • Plague 8: Locusts – Crickets
  • Plague 9: Darkness – Oreos with Eyes
  • Plague 10: First Born Dies – Sour Patch Kids

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